FPM, Formerly known as Fantastic Plastic Machine is world renown DJ/Producer Tomoyuki Tanaka’s solo project. His original style of mixing dance music with his own roots music is highly regarded internationally. He has played in about 100 cities throughout the world. Besides releasing 8 original albums, the new album “Scale” including “I was in love” sampled 10cc’s “I’m not in love” is now on sale from avex.
He also plays an active part in various fields such as music of the LOUIS VUITTON’s animation films “SUPERFLAT MONOGRAM”, “SUPERFLAT FIRST LOVE” by Takashi Murakami, and music of DANCE-MUSIC-CLOCK “UNIQLOCK” which won the grand prix at all of the world’s best 3 advertising awards, and new blog parts by UNIQLO called “UNIQLO CALENDAR”. Moreover, his song ‘Bachelor Pad’ is featured in the movie “Austin Powers –the spy who shagged me-“, and some other songs is used at the world famous TV drama “Sex and the City”.

In 2014, he organized his old friend Howie B’s Japanese tour who is known as a producer of Bjork, U2 etc. Also FPM remixed his song ‘Master Inch Mile Haunch’ in his latest album.

* YMO / ‘Behind The Mask’ (“YMO Remixes Technopolis 2000-01” / 1999)
* Ennio Morricone / ‘Belinda May’ (“Morricone Rmx” / 2001)
* CHIC / ‘Le Freak’ (“rechic -CHIC remixes 2001-“ / 2001)
* Earth,Wind & Fire / ‘September’ (“Soul Source EARTH,WIND & FIRE REMIXES” / 2002)
* James Brown / ‘Sex Machine’ (“Ultimate Remixes” / 2002)
* Marcus Nikolai / ‘Bushes’ (“Bushes” / 2004)
-released from Fatboy Slim’s label Southern Fried Records
* FATBOY SLIM / ‘The Journey’ (“The Greatest Hits – Remixed” / 2007)
* Benjamin Diamond / ‘Baby’s On Fire’  (“Baby’s On Fire(Remixes) – EP” / 2008)
* the BPA (the new project by Norman Cook a.k.a. FATBOY SLIM) / ‘He’s Frank feat. Iggy Pop’
(“He’s Frank (Slight Return) [Remixes]” / 2009)
* HowieB / ‘Master Inch Mile Haunch’ (2014)
and more

[Remixers for FPM songs]
* Le Knight Club<Guy-Manuel of DAFT PUNK+DJ RICO>(FRANCE)
* Nellee Hooper (UK)
* Masters At Work(US)
* Bob Sinclar(FRANCE)
* King Britt(US)
* Grant Nelson(UK)
* Roger Manning Jr.(US)
* Nellee Hooper(UK)
* Tahiti 80 (FRANCE)
* Los Amigos Invisibles(VENEZUELA)
* The Maxwell Implosion(GERMANY)
* Paolo Scotti(ITALY)
* Mondo Grosso (JAPAN)
* Yasuharu Konishi(ex-Pizzicato Five,JAPAN)
* Shinichi Osawa (JAPAN)
and so forth…

[DJ works]
*November 1998
was supporting DJ for Fatboy Slim’s Japanese tour
*August 1999
Tanaka is invited to perform at Bennicassin Festival in Spain with Blur, Chemical Brothers, Massive Attack, Ocean Color Scene, 4 HERO, JimiTenor, CarlCraig, Hell, Paul Johnson, DJ Shadow, etc.
*August 1999
Tanaka is invited to perform at Reading and Leeds Festival in U.K. with Roni Size, Breakbeat Era, Les Rhythmes Digitales, Indian Ropeman, etc.
*September to October 1999
Tanaka is invited to perform at COACHELLA VALLEY Music and Arts Festival in Palm Springs/LA with Beck,Underworld,Ben Harper,Rage Against The Machine, Prodigy, Cassius, Cornelius, etc.
*October 2000
was supporting DJ for Etienne De Crecy,Alex Gopher’s Japanese tour.
*December 2000
played at a party held by colette and minimix at Palais de Chaillot(Paris,France)
*March 2001
played at Giant Step party at Winter Music Conference in Miami with Roni Size Reprazent, RichieHawtin, MJ Cole, Q-Bert, Ron Trent, Ian Pooley, Jazzanova,etc.
*December 2001
played with the DAFT PUNK crew, DJ Higgins a.k.a. Gildas of KITSUNE at his resident party, ‘Les Plus’
*March 2002
played at the party co-held by Yellow Productions and Louis Vuitton at Winter Music Conference in Miami (with Jerome Sydenham,T-Kolai)
*February 2003
played at the party co-held by KITSUNE,Colette and Y-3 (fashion brand by adidas and Yohji Yamamoto) at Maxim De Paris (Paris)
* November 2004
Tanaka is invited to perform at Fat Festival in Bangkok.
*November 2006
Tanaka is invited to perform at UNIQLO Soho Store opening party in NewYork.
*May 2007
played at Chi / The Lodge in Dubai,UAE.
*July 2007
Tanaka is invited to perform at PENTAPORT FESTIVAL in Seoul.
*October 2007
played at the party co-held by Le Book and INTERSECTION magazine in London.
* December 2007
Tanaka is invited to perform at adidas’s Party in Korea.
*March 2008
Tanaka is invited to perform at Louis Vuitton in’s Party in HongKong.
*October 2008
played at the party co-held by colette and wonderwall at Le Regin in Paris.
* September 2009
Tanaka and VERBAL(m-flo) is invited to perform at Global Gathering Festival 09 in Han Riverside Park, Korea.
and Tanaka was supporting DJ for Underworld Live in HongKong.
* October 2010
Tanaka is invited to perform at Pusan International Film Festival’s Party in Taipei.
*September 2012
Tanaka is invited to perform at adidas’s Party in Taipei.
* December 2013